Fleet Management Weekly: How Work Truck Fleets Save Big Bucks

CrewVanCo talks to Fleet Management Weekly about bringing an insurable, proven concept in light duty work vehicles to North America. Click Here

Expand Your Fleet Options : Moving Crews 101

CrewVanCo is here to help you stay ahead of your customer needs. In our ever changing world we are continually challenged with ways to be efficient, cost effective and safe. Faced with a myriad of options, fleet managers everywhere are looking for smart simple solutions. This is where we come in to move your crews forward.


Light duty vehicle utilization, along with the benefits they bring, continues to grow exponentially every year here in the USA. We’re quickly catching on to what 15% of the cargo van market in Europe already knows. The moving a crew with a cargo van model saves on upfront costs, vehicle longevity, fuel efficiency, ergonomics, tool safety and security. Measurable, bottom line changes that move the needle for you and your company.


Your clients can forget chasing vehicles, tracking receipts, multiple vehicle repairs, and gas expenses for vehicles that fall outside the company fleet. Moving employee’s to a job-site shouldn’t be a daily concern. This is where CrewVanCo comes in and gives your client the opportunity to move medium sized crews to work-sites and events. By adding our FMVSS compliant 3 seat bench and partition your common cargo van becomes a cargo and crew mover. OEM fit and finish for Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, and Mercedes Benz Sprinter models. Our upfit captures the maximum cargo space and under seat storage available, allowing for a quiet comfortable cabin that is heated and cooled efficiently.


Viable opportunities and markets that have great traction with a light duty crew van:

  • Landscaping 

  • Oil/Gas remote worksites

  • Municipalities

  • Law enforcement

  • Catering

  • Moving

  • Airport transportation

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